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Market Penetration Pricing


Market Penetration & Churn Reduction with Price Simulation & Steering A key player in the Dutch energy market was losing market share due to the competitive price pressure and was struggling with the low conversion rate on acquisition deals. Challenge Reduce [...]

Market Penetration Pricing2020-08-28T16:15:29+00:00

Dynamic Integrated Pricing for Supply Chain Optimisation


Dynamic Integrated Pricing for Supply Chain Optimization Pricing Solution that cuts across the entire organisational value chain to integrate multiple systems, processes, data and predictive/forecast models to achieve real-time dynamic pricing Challenge A global logistics and transportation services company wanted to: [...]

Dynamic Integrated Pricing for Supply Chain Optimisation2020-08-28T16:11:47+00:00

Insurance Premium Pricing


Insurance Premium Pricing A large insurance company wanted to retain its market share in the increasingly digitized and online marketplace for car insurance without undertaking excessive risk. Challenge Attract & Retain Car Insurance Buyers with Competitively Priced Insurance Policies In order to [...]

Insurance Premium Pricing2020-08-28T16:02:16+00:00

Retention Pricing Models to Prevent Customer Attrition


Retention Pricing Models to Prevent Customer Attrition/Churn A Dutch Teleco was struggling excessive churn at the end of the first contract year.  Challenge In oder to prevent customers from churning, Sales needed to know: Which customers are likely to churn and [...]

Retention Pricing Models to Prevent Customer Attrition2020-08-28T16:02:59+00:00

Dynamic Pricing with Raw Material Price Forecasting


Dynamic Pricing with Real-time Raw Material Forecasting To Improve Competitiveness of Blockbuster Products At a large commodity chemical company, the lack of visibility into market & supply-chain driven cost of raw materials fluctuations was preventing sales from closing deals and hampering their competitive ability. Challenge [...]

Dynamic Pricing with Raw Material Price Forecasting2020-08-28T16:03:26+00:00

Price Variance and Value Recovery


Pricing Model and Price Variance In MarketRedesign, we create highly customized pricing models for our clients using machine learning. The predicted price that our model produces is called the benchmark price as it provides a target price accounting for the customer’s willingness to pay based on the pricing pattern found in the client’s transactional data. Our benchmark price serves [...]

Price Variance and Value Recovery2020-08-11T06:20:23+00:00

Agility in Pricing: Logistics & Shipping


The global pandemic, COVID-19 has shifted all business priorities. The impact and shifting patterns due to the virus are evident in the supply chain and logistics business globally. After a stagnant period of closed borders, organizations may be able to identify the impact of their business. The global nature of the economy requires [...]

Agility in Pricing: Logistics & Shipping2020-08-10T21:40:27+00:00

Price Scatter – A Visual Indicator


Being a company that has decades of pricing excellence, one of the biggest issues we have seen so far is that, most companies have account managers that focus on a one on one relationship with the clients, however, they fail a 360-degree approach in deciphering all the drivers for example, what other customers are paying for [...]

Price Scatter – A Visual Indicator2020-08-10T21:32:46+00:00

Reasons Why Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers’ Willingness-to-Pay.


Reasons Why Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers' Willingness-to-Pay Being a founder in a start-up involves a very diverse set of projects, tasks and challenges. Anything from big strategic thinking over sales, marketing, HR, technology and many more. So, it can sometimes be easy to overlook pricing, even if price is one of [...]

Reasons Why Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers’ Willingness-to-Pay.2020-03-06T17:07:01+00:00

Price Optimization: A Primer


PRICE OPTIMIZATION & MANAGEMENT - A PRIMER Price Optimization & Management, refers to a suite of technology solution and methodologies that an organization can leverage to effectively manage the pricing process. Solutions in the market help with various price optimization and management activities ranging from: Collating [...]

Price Optimization: A Primer2020-01-03T21:21:50+00:00