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Reasons Why Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers’ Willingness-to-Pay.


Reasons Why Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers' Willingness-to-Pay Being a founder in a start-up involves a very diverse set of projects, tasks and challenges. Anything from big strategic thinking over sales, marketing, HR, technology and many more. So, it can sometimes be easy to overlook pricing, even if price is one of [...]

Reasons Why Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers’ Willingness-to-Pay.2020-03-06T17:07:01+00:00

Price Optimization: A Primer


PRICE OPTIMIZATION & MANAGEMENT - A PRIMER Price Optimization & Management, refers to a suite of technology solution and methodologies that an organization can leverage to effectively manage the pricing process. Solutions in the market help with various price optimization and management activities ranging from: Collating [...]

Price Optimization: A Primer2020-01-03T21:21:50+00:00

Evolution of Dynamic Pricing


EVOLUTION OF DYNAMIC PRICING Dynamic pricing is an AI-driven process of setting optimum prices in order to maximize the revenue, increase profit margin or gain other business goals. Driven by large volumes of data, we are operating in a world that demands extreme customization and personalization. [...]

Evolution of Dynamic Pricing2020-01-03T21:13:38+00:00