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Margin gains by optimizing revenue on each deal and reducing margin leakage.

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Increased deal win probability with an unbiased estimate of customer-willing-to-pay.

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Reduced negotiation preparation time by eliminating need of manual calculations.


Shipping and Airline companies need real-time dynamic pricing based on asset load, customer transaction history, market demand-supply dynamics, external events and seasonality. PriceCypher’s customised pricing models enable logistic provides to improve margin and operational efficiency.

Benefits include:
  • Improved Commercial Discipline
  • Higher Deal Win Rate
  • Faster Negotiation & Quoting


At Manufacturing companies, base material prices are constantly fluctuating, macro dynamics have a heavy influence and each deal can be worth millions, PriceCypher empowers sales executives with tools, insights and guidelines customized to their customers and enables risk-assessed, data-driven negotiations.

Benefits include:
  • Margin Improvement
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Faster Deal Closure


Energy & Utility companies function in an environment of constantly evolving demand, regulatory needs and constantly fluctuating commodity market. PriceCypher’s algorithms are built on real-time energy data to enables these companies to extract price competitively and win deals over competition.

Benefits include:
  • Margin Uplift
  • Higher First-time-right Deals
  • Increased Customer Acquisitions

“…[PriceCypher] has been a trusted partner in our price excellence journey and are helping us take the next step in our data analytics and AI journey.”

Director Strategy, Global Engineering Plastics Company

“PriceCypher is the cornerstone in our strategy for Dynamic Integrated Pricing that helped us serve the Right Customer at the Right Place at the Right Price”

Pricing Manager, Logistics & Distribution Services

“We had a critical need to adapt our pricing strategy to reduce customer churn and increase market penetration. The ability to stay agile by steering prices keeps us one step ahead of our competition.”

VP, Strategic Market Operations, Dutch Energy Company

Want to be a frontrunner in the pricing revolution?

PriceCypher is a by-product of years of experience and success in helping companies design and execute effective pricing practices. It is an intelligent solution that supports the strategic, tactical and operational execution of pricing strategies. Companies in different industries are already reaping the benefits of using PriceCypher. What are you waiting for?

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